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2013-01-23 14:43:31

       GN Solids Control is 1 of the most famous Solids Control International Brand in China.GN  Products  have  been  exported  to  over  50  countries  &  areas,  and GN  has  established  Sales&  Services  Branches  in Australia, Argentina,  Libya,  Turkey  and  are  opening  offices  &Warehouses in Houston, USA & Dubai & Russia.

Marketing  network

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●  GN Global (English)                              ●  GN Russia (Russian)
     Http://                Http://

●  GN South America (Spanish)                ●  GN China (Chinese)
     Http://              Http:// /Http://

●  GN Australia (English)                          ●  GN Middle East (Arabic)
     Http://              Http://